Practicing For Our Program!

Christmas Program

We've been practicing for Friday's Christmas program!  

There will be no Early Birds or Lunch Bunch on program day.  Our 2s will be dropped off in the back carpool between 8:35 and 8:50 just as we did for our Thanksgiving program.  We ask that parents walk all 3s and 4s to the classroom between 8:50 and 9:00.  (If you arrive before 8:50, please take your child to the Sanctuary with you.  We'll be getting the 2s organized prior to that and would like to keep our building closed and secure until 8:50 when we're sure all of them are in their classrooms and settled down!)

The program starts promptly at 9:15.  When we do our grade-level performances, each grade will be in the center of the altar for visibility.  During the whole school performance, the 4s are on the left half of the altar nearest Summer Breeze, the 3s are on the right half of the altar nearest the front parking lot, Miss Lisa's 2s are in middle and to the right of the altar, and Mrs. Anderson's 2s are towards the left of the altar.  (At least that's where we're planning on starting with the 2s! They might move around a little!)

There are quite a few pews reserved for the students since we move around a lot during this program, but all of the performance areas are marked so you'll know which seats are available and which ones we need for the kids!  Students are dismissed immediately after the program with their families.  We'll be serving cookies and punch in Fellowship Hall as we begin our Christmas break.  School will reopen on Wednesday, January 4th.

Thank you to those who have started sending in their cookies and recipes for our Christmas cookie share.  You can send them in any day this week or drop the cookies (and the recipe) off at Fellowship Hall on Friday morning on your way to the Sanctuary.  You can also email the recipe to  Please use a disposable plate/platter so we can donate any extras to People Helping People for their Sunday sharing at Forsyth Park.

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