Pajama Day!

Our 3s and 4s had a wonderful time wearing their pajamas and munching on popcorn as they watched The Tigger Movie with their friends.

WIPP's Thrilling 3s

There's always a lot going on in our 3s--and January has been no exception!

Featuring Our Fours

January is a busy month in our 4s!

Reading on the rug

Painting snowmen

Letters and words

Winter sensory bin

Making shapes with geoboards

Practicing letters

Making hibernating bears for the cave

Counting with "snowflakes"

After we count, we eat!

Studying hibernation

Working in our binders

Exploring magnets

Melting our "iceberg"

Safety goggles while chipping ice

Puzzles on the rug

Making playdoh snowmen

Mosaic penguins

Marshmallow snowmen

Practicing patterns

Working our hand muscles

Painting with colored snow

Aren't they beautiful?

Puffy paints

Dramatic play
More snowmen!

Look what I made!
Drying in the microwave
Look at mine!

Handprint projects

Mine is pink!

Coloring and cutting

Fruit and vegetable patterns