First Week of the 2016-17 School Year

Thank you to everyone who attended our Parent Open House and our Student Get-Acquainted Day.  Next week we'll start our regular school year with carpool beginning on Monday for the 3s and 4s.  We'll do our best to move as quickly as possible, but prepare for some traffic as we learn cars and families!

We ask that parents of our 2s walk them into the building and drop them off at the classroom door next week.  This gives an additional week of  reassurance to our youngest students--and helps us get carpool started with fewer cars!  Please park in the front parking lot for both drop-off and pick-up.

We're looking forward to a great year!

Welcome Back!

We hope that you’ve enjoyed your summer. We’re working on getting the preschool building ready for our Parents' Open House on Wednesday, August 24, at 7:00 pm. Our students will join us for a Get-Acquainted Day on Thursday, August 25 from 9:00-10:30. We ask that all parents park and walk their children to class for our Get-Acquainted Day and pick them up afterward. (Our 2s are a little bit different since a parent accompanies them for a get-acquainted playdate on Thursday. If you're the parent of a two-year-old you should have received an email with details on this.) Everyone should receive an email and/or a snail mail contact from their child's teacher sometime next week.

School officially begins on Monday, August 29. Carpool will begin on Tuesday, August 30 for our 3s and 4s. We ask that our 2s parents continue to do a walk-in/pick-up through that first week. Please place your child's carseat on the passenger side of your vehicle to make it easier for us to help your child get in and out. You'll receive more details about carpool from your child's teacher during Open House.

In addition to adding back our third 4s class this year and hiring a new teacher and assistant for the classroom, we've also had some additional staffing changes. Check below for more information on this. We're currently full in all of our 2s and 3s classes with a few spots left in our 4s!

WIPP will continue its active participation in the Georgia Preschool Association and Georgia Accrediting Commission. Our staff is required to have instruction in developmentally appropriate educational practices each year in accordance with our accreditation. We have an open-door policy and welcome you to come and visit at any time. We strive to offer a caring, Christian environment that provides the skills, attitudes, and knowledge needed to enable each of our students to achieve his/her individual potential.

With this letter you'll find a couple of Publix Partners card for W.I.P.P. enclosed. Last year we received nearly $700 from Publix—just from the use of our Publix Partners cards! When you shop at Publix, just ask the cashier to scan your school card and we receive a percentage of whatever you spend. There is no cost to you—and if you have more than one school's partner card, you can have them both scanned in! (These are good at any Publix anywhere, so if you need more for friends, grandparents, etc., just let us know!)

We also collect used toner and ink cartridges to recycle at Staples. For the last two years, we used these recycling points to purchase all of the case paper used in the school throughout the entire year! If you (or your business) has used ink/toner cartridges (any brand) that you're not currently recycling, please send them to school in a Ziploc bag for us!

Beginning Tuesday, September 6, we will offer our Early Bird program each weekday morning starting at 8:15 for $2.00 per day. We will also offer our Lunch Bunch program on Wednesday through Friday starting on September 7. These hours are 12:00-1:00 at a cost of $5.00 per day. Students need to be potty-trained to stay for Lunch Bunch! There will be additional information on these and other programs available at Open House.

We're looking forward to seeing you soon and sharing this year with you. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

***We do have several families on our waiting list. If your plans have changed and your child will not be attending W.I.P.P., please let us know as soon as possible so we can reassure those families that their children will have a spot at our school. Thanks!


2s Classes
Mrs. Anderson and Miss Sandy
Miss Lisa, Miss Jaycie (MWF) and Miss Lou (TTh)

3s Classes
Miss Kathleen and Miss Paula
Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Heebner
Mrs. Knudsen and Mrs. Southard

4s Classes
Miss Jen and Miss Didi
Miss Deborah and Mrs. Tucker
Miss Heather and Mrs. Horton