Building Improvements!

New paint in some of our classrooms...
New carpet...


Happy Summer!

See you in August!  
You can click on the link to the right to check out our 2017-18 calendar.

Sunshine Summer: Week 3

During our last week of Sunshine Summer we explored dinosaurs.  It was a blast!  

The preschool will be operating on our sporadic summer hours until mid-August.  If you need to reach someone, the best way to do that over the summer is to email .

Sunshine Summer: Week 2

This week we focused on the ocean.  We created sea creatures, played with friends, read books about the ocean, and played with slime and water beads!

Sunshine Summer: Week One

We've finished our first week of Sunshine Summer! We had a lot of fun playing with our friends and learning a little about the jungle and the rainforest.  Week 2 will begin on Tuesday, May 30th.  We'll be exploring the ocean!