Comcast Email Issues!

Hi Families!

Many of you who have an email account with comcast aren't getting our school emails.  I've talked to a comcast rep (and tried this out on my own account!) and it's because of the comcast spam filters.  Unfortunately, there's not an easy fix.  Because we send out emails to multiple parties, there's a good chance our emails will be blocked by comcast accounts.

To view school emails:

  • Go to preferences in your comcast/xfinity email account.
  • Click on Emails.
  • Go to Spam Filtering.
  • Place a check in Save a copy of emails marked as spam.

This will allow you to view messages being flagged as spam--including WIPP emails.  In your spam folder, select the WIPP email and mark it as not spam from the little email menu bar.

This doesn't mean that all WIPP emails will now get through--they'll still end up in your spam folder, but at least you'll know where they are!

Thanks for your patience!
Hope this helps with our communication!


Class Supply Lists!

Hi Families!

We're still a few weeks away from our start date, but with all of the back-to-school activity going on at our local stores, we're putting out our lists too!

Below you'll find the basic supply list for each of our classes.  At our parent orientation, your child's teacher may also have a wishlist posted of some additional items if you'd like to help out a little more.  We're looking forward to seeing you next month!

             All classes
  • Large (full size) book bag
  • 1 complete change of clothes, including socks, in a gallon Ziploc bag labeled with your child’s name
  • $15 Walgreens gift card (used for photo processing)

  • 5 Elmer's glue sticks 
  • 1 foaming hand soap
  • 3 large pkgs of baby wipes
  • Boys: 1 box Ziploc bags (gallon or sandwich)
  • Girls: 2 cans plain white shaving cream
  • 3 full size cans of Playdoh (any color)
  • 1 pack of stickers, ANY kind (ABC, Seasonal, Fun themes)

  • one box resealable baggies
  • glue sticks (Avery brand preferred)
  • baby wipes or disinfectant wipes
  • box of tissues
  • foaming hand soap

  • one box resealable baggies 
  • glue sticks 
  • 3 boxes of baby wipes/disinfectant wipes 
  • box of tissues
  • foaming hand soap 
  • light brown pillowcase (for a Thanksgiving project!)

Islands YMCA Gymnastics at WIPP

Each year Islands YMCA offers a Tuesday gymnastics class for our students.  They pick up the students at WIPP during carpool and have them ready at the Y for parent pick-up at 1:00.  Space is very limited so if you're interested in having your child participate, please contact the Islands YMCA ASAP!

General registration info is included below.  Please note that WIPP kids are on a month-to-month basis and that our classes start in September.  All classes and registration is handled through the Y so if you have questions, please call Amanda at the Y @ 912-897-1192.

The sport of gymnastics is a great way to develop body awareness and coordination, increase confidence and independence, and learn social skills and good sportsmanship. The Islands YMCA gymnastics program is dedicated to producing successful gymnasts by providing a fun, safe and motivating atmosphere that enhances physical and mental well-being while encouraging all gymnasts to reach their full potential. We offer a variety of boys and girls recreational and preschool gymnastics classes. These classes utilize all of the gymnastics equipment and events. Class programs are based on skills as defined by USA Gymnastics. Required skills must be mastered at each level before advancing to the next class. The gymnastics program also offers summer camps, open gym, Parent’s Night Out and other special activities throughout the year.

Program fees are session based; classes are a first come, first serve basis. Fees are due by the end of week 5 in each session. Students are guaranteed priority enrollment in the following session, as long as payment is received one week prior to the beginning of the new session. A $10.00 late fee is applied to any tuition not paid by the first week of the new session and your gymnasts spot will be forfeited. New students may join a session already in progress. Please contact the GymnasticsOffice for pricing details or to schedule a free trial class!

Fall/Winter 2017/2018 Sessions
Session 1: August 7,2016-September 15, 2017
Session 2: September 18 ,2017- October 27, 2017
Session 3: October 30, 2017-December 15,, 2017
Session 4: January 1, 2018-February 9, 2018
Session 5: February 12, 2018-March 23, 2018
Session 6: April 2, 2018-May 11, 2018

**Special Note: UMC and WIPP are scheduled on a month to month basis following the school year start date**

Dates to Remember
No Classes: September 4, 2017 (Labor Day)
November 20-24, 2017 (Thanksgiving Week)
December 18-29, 2017 (Christmas Holiday)
January 15, 2018 (Martin Luther King Day)
March 26 - 30, 2018 (Spring Break)

Santa Rama: December 9, 2017
Spring Showcase: May 12, 2018
Open Gym: September 9, October 7, November 11,
January 13, February 10, March 17, April 14
Parent’s Night Out: February 10, December 9

All Sessions

Preschool: UMC, WIPP

Jumping Jitterbugs & Mighty Munchkins

Hi 5/6, Beginner Girls & Boys & Tumbling

Adv. Beginner Boys & Girls

Intermediate Girls & Pre-Team Boys

Advanced Intermediate





Jumping Jitterbugs


Mighty Munchkins


United Methodist




Hi 5/6







Advanced Beginner
Intermediate A
Intermediate B



Advanced Intermediate A
Advanced Intermediate B





Advanced Beginner






Jumping Jitterbugs 45 minutes
Jumping Jitterbugs is for 18 months up to 3 years old. Parents are asked to assist their child. Children develop their body control and movement coordination through gymnastics obstacle courses.

Beginner Girls and Hi 5/6 1 hour
The beginner class is a fun introduction to the four women’s competitive events. The class focuses on body awareness and begins progressions for the basic skills on each event. The Hi 5/6 class follows the same lesson plans as the Beginner class but is reserved for 5 and 6 year olds.
Mighty Munchkins 45 minutes
Children age 3-4 years old participate in the Mighty Munchkins preschool class. The class helps to develop motor skills through the use of obstacle courses and also teaches about colors, shapes, and counting.
Advanced Beginner Girls 1 hour 15 minutes
The Advanced Beginner Girls class continues the skill progressions introduced in the Beginner or Hi 5/6 classes with emphasis on correct technique while developing greater strength and flexibility.
Beginner Boys 1 hour
This class introduces the six men’s competitive events: vault, high bar, pommel horse, parallel bars, rings and floor exercise. The class focuses on body awareness and works progressions for the basic skills on each event.
Intermediate Girls 1.5 hours twice weekly
The Intermediate class helps gymnasts continue the skill progressions introduced in earlier classes and develop greater strength and flexibility.
Advanced Beginner Boys 1 hour 15 minutes
The Advanced Beginner Boys class continues the skill progressions introduced in the Beginner class while emphasizing correct technique and building strength.
Pre-Team Boys 2 hours twice weekly (invite only)
This class is designed as a preparation for USAG Level 4 of the competitive program. Gymnasts continue to develop their strength and flexibility while beginning to learn the skills required for Level 4.
Open Gym 2 hours (1 Saturday per month)
Open gym allows time in the gym to develop gymnastics skills that athletes want to work in a fun and safe environment
Advanced Intermediate Girls 2 hours twice weekly (invite only)
This class is designed as a preparation for USAG Level 2 of the competitive program. Gymnasts continue to develop their strength and flexibility while beginning to learn the skills required for Level 2.
Tumbling 1 hour
The tumbling class (for both boys and girls) teaches proper tumbling skill progressions while building strength, flexibility and confidence. Skills include handstands, cartwheels, round-offs back handsprings.

Building Improvements!

New paint in some of our classrooms...
New carpet...


Happy Summer!

See you in August!  
You can click on the link to the right to check out our 2017-18 calendar.

Sunshine Summer: Week 3

During our last week of Sunshine Summer we explored dinosaurs.  It was a blast!  

The preschool will be operating on our sporadic summer hours until mid-August.  If you need to reach someone, the best way to do that over the summer is to email .

Sunshine Summer: Week 2

This week we focused on the ocean.  We created sea creatures, played with friends, read books about the ocean, and played with slime and water beads!

Sunshine Summer: Week One

We've finished our first week of Sunshine Summer! We had a lot of fun playing with our friends and learning a little about the jungle and the rainforest.  Week 2 will begin on Tuesday, May 30th.  We'll be exploring the ocean!