Thank You!

Thank you for your generosity!  
(And thanks to Mrs. Knudsen and Mrs. Southard for their help in delivering all of our Be Kind to Animals Week donations!)

We donated cans of food, toys, and medicine.

We shared our coins.

We hope that all of the animals without homes find someone to love them.

We hope that we helped!

Be Kind To Animals Week

Many of our families have pets that we love and take care of, but some animals in our area aren't that lucky. During the week of September 21st, we're collecting the items below to help out the local animal rescue groups. Some of our classes will be decorating paper towels rolls to use as dog and cat toys.
We'll also have a jar in the hallway to collect change for Coastal Pet Rescue's
Pennies for Pets fund.
Thank you for all you do for our school—and our community!

You can send any of the items below to school September 21-September 25 and we'll make sure they get delivered! If you'd like to come by and drop them off, you're always welcome. Check the blog for updates!

Slip leashes
Durable/washable toys- no tennis balls please
Dry adult cat and dog food(Purina brand)
Dry puppy and kitten food (Purina brand)
Rubber KONGS

Cat litter (Purina brand)
Towels – clean, used are fine
Toys (mice, catnip, feather toys)
Metal food and water bowls – small
Paper towel rolls only (make-shift KONGS)
Paper bags/cracker boxes (also make-shift activity fillers)
Canned chicken broth (We freeze inside KONGS for kennel activities)
Garbage bags – large kitchen and 55 gallon
Antibiotic Ointment
Rubbing alcohol/ Peroxide
Pennies (or other change)

Also check the Donate Page for Coastal Pet Rescue at and the Donation Page for the Savannah Humane Society at to make a donation online.

Keeping Up With Our 3s

While some of our 3-year-old students have been to preschool or daycare before, for some of them it's a brand new experience!  We spend a lot of time in the first few weeks learning routines--and having fun!

Our Four-Year-Old Classes

Our 4s are off to a great start!

Morning Work

Circle Time