Upcoming Dates/ Fun with our 4s

For those of you who like to plan ahead, here are some important dates for WIPP in the upcoming months.  Look for more information and additional reminders as we get closer to each.

Upcoming dates
Monday, February 20                                                 Presidents’ Day Holiday
Thursday/Friday, Feb. 23/24                              Doughnuts with Dads (8:45 a.m.) for 2s and 3s
Monday, March 5                                                      Desserts with Dad for 4s  (6:00 p.m.)
Friday, March 16                                                      WIPP St. Patrick’s Day Parade
Week of March 19th                                                  Bike Week (St. Jude’s)
Friday, March 30                                                      No School for Students!  Parent Conference Day
April 6, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13                                          Easter Break
Friday, May 11                                                         Mother’s Day Program
Wednesday, May 16                                                4s Graduation
Thursday, May 17                                                    Last Day of School/Picnic in the Park

I got to spend some time in Mrs. Eiermann's class today while she visited the other 3s and 4s classes.  I helped Mrs. Evans as the class counted and graphed jelly beans of all different colors.  Then everyone started working on name tracing!  It was exciting!

Next stop was Mrs. Jones' and Mrs. Hill's room where Miss Caitlin was doing music.  The class was singing and dancing and moving like horses while Miss Caitlin played the wood block.  If you click on the link, you can see them practicing listening skills and starting and stopping with the music.


Entering Miss Brittany/Mrs. Horton's room was like going to the beach!  There was an octopus or two hanging from the ceiling and some water in the front with fish!  There were even some very smart boys and girls fishing for letters!

Friday, January 20

Pajama Day!

While our 2s enjoyed their pajama party in the WIPP building, the 3s and 4s had a blast in Fellowship Hall with music with Miss Caitlin, the Winnie the Pooh movie, and plenty of popcorn!

Pajama Day #1

Miss Heather's Tuesday/Thursday class had their pajama day today. 
Even Miss Heather and Miss Wendy wore their PJs!

Our Thrilling 3s!

working on winter

at the castle

books and baby dolls

"We love our baby dolls!"

Mrs. Knudsen's taking us into space...

We have to put on our astronaut pants...

and pull up our space boots!

exploring space
blue water

coloring Earth
making a snowman
waiting for our ice cubes
getting started
"This is cool!"
ice and paint
snow paint
writing center
puppets and dramatic play
reading books
keeping warm

 Finally, one of our favorite things, music time with Miss Caitlin!


Winter With Our TTh 2s

There were lots of winter activities going on in Miss Heather's class on Tuesday and Thursday this week!  It didn't matter what the weather was like outside...

Painting with ice cubes

Making penguins for snack

Enjoying snowy birthday cupcakes

Playing ball with penguins and snowmen

Making igloos