Be Kind to Animals Week at W.I.P.P.

Many of our families have pets that we love and take care of, but some animals in our area aren't that lucky. During the week of September 23rd, we're collecting the items below to help out Animal Control and the Humane Society. Some of our classes will be decorating toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls to send along with our good wishes. (These are filled with treats and folded closed to use as makeshift KONG toys.)

We'll also have a jar in the hallway to collect change for 
Coastal Pet Rescue's
Pennies for Pets fund.

Thank you for all you do for our school—and our community!

You can send any of the items on the list below to school September 23-27 and we'll make sure they get delivered! If you'd like to come by and drop them off, you're always welcome. Check the blog for updates!

Canned cat or kitten food
Kitten formula (Milk replacement)
Kitten nursing bottles or nipples
Clean used surgical gowns
Clean blankets and towels (Used are fine as long as they're clean!)
Laundry detergent (liquid)
Dawn dishwashing soap
Paper towels
Any size carrier (new or used)
Dry dog/puppy and cat/kitten food (Purina brand)
Slip-style leashes
Cat litter (Purina brand)
Peanut butter and canned chicken broth (These are used with KONG toys for doggie fun!)

Pennies (or other change)

Noah's Ark

We're starting off our Bible stories this year with Noah and the Ark.  We'll read the story of how God told Noah to build the ark; play with a Noah's ark felt board; maybe watch a video about Noah; do some coloring sheets; and lots of other stuff.  We'll learn the songs "Jesus Loves Me" and "Who Built the Ark?"  If you'd like to hear a version of "Who Built the Ark?" that's similar to the one we use, you can click on the following link:

W.I.P.P. Welcomes Jenna Watkins

We had our first music classes today with Miss Jenna.  The kids had a blast!  Miss Jenna visits each class for 15-20 minutes each week to share her love of music with our students.  Jenna graduated from Georgia College & State University with a degree in Music Therapy.  In addition to her work at WIPP, she's also working with THA Group Island Hospice and giving private lessons in voice, guitar and piano.

Wednesday, September 11

Umbrella (Red)

Thank you for your patience during our first rainy day carpool today.  There's really no quick way to get 100+ small children into their carseats safely while keeping them as dry as possible!  We keep our fingers crossed that rain holds off until 12:15 each day, but that doesn't always work!

Please remember to return all of the forms that were sent home at the beginning of the month.  If you have any questions about any of them, call the office or email and let us know.

Also, we've had an early wave of multiple illnesses hit the preschool including pink eye, stomach bugs, croup, and the normal colds and fevers.  We do our best to keep hands washed and surfaces clean, but germs are shared anyway!  If your child has a cough or is running a fever, please keep him or her home.  There are detailed guidelines in our school handbook regarding health issues to which you can refer.

The school year is off to a wonderful start! 
Thank you for all you do!

First Week Activities

As we wrap up our first full week of the school year, here's a glimpse of some of the activities that have occurred throughout the building.