Happy October Newsletter

As we prepare to say goodbye to September and welcome October, here is a copy of the information being sent home in backpacks today and tomorrow.  If you continue down to the bottom, you'll also see some of our preschoolers getting ready for fall!

Happy October!
October is National Fire Prevention month. We’ll be discussing fire safety in our classrooms and enjoying a visit from the Southside Fire Department on October 19th. This is also a great time to review your home escape plan.

Fall Conferences
Look for information from your child’s teacher about a fall conference. There is no school for students on Monday, October 24, for our parent/teacher conferences. Some of you may prefer a phone or email conference, or a time before or after school, and our teachers will try to accommodate your schedule.

Halloween Information
On Monday, October 31st, our 3s and 4s will go trick-or-treating next door at Summer Breeze. We’ll wear our Halloween costumes on that day and walk over to visit the residents and sing our Halloween songs for them. Because we’re just across the lawn from Summer Breeze we won’t need chaperones for this “trip” but most classes will have their Halloween parties later that morning so make sure you check your child’s class monthly calendar.

Arrival and Departure
Thank you for your patience as we’ve worked out the beginning of the year kinks in our carpool. Please remember that if you need to drop you child off at school before 8:50 we have our Early Birds program available for $2 per day. Our teachers use the time before school prepping for the day so please help us keep that time free for them.

Forms and Documents

 If you haven’t returned the following, please check your folders and get them to us as soon as possible
  • Immunization forms/shot records
  • WIPP Handbook form (found on the last page of the handbook)
  • Permission form to use your child’s photo
  • Thank you to everyone who’s sent in printer/toner cartridges. Any and all kinds are appreciated!
  •  If anyone has a gently used refrigerator they’d like to donate to the preschool, please let us know. Our circa 1990 model is finally slowing down and needs replacing.
  • Mark your calendars for Saturday, October 15th! Wilmington Island Presbyterian Church is having their Fall Festival. More info will be coming home in October.
Thank you again for all you do--and for sharing your child with us each day!

Miss Kathleen

897-7568 office

Thursday, September 22

There was a lot of happy noise coming from our 2s today!   We had tea parties, housecleaning, and cars under bridges--all at the same time!

Our 3s had a lot of teamwork going on:  working at the office center; sharing books; getting help from the teacher with rubbings; organizing trucks; and working in the kitchen.

Here you see our 4s at their morning free play time; working on their calendar skills; and listing some L words for their letter of the week.

WIPP Fall Photos (9/20,9/21)

Remember that our fall pictures will be taken this Tuesday and Wednesday. Please check the schedule below for the day your child’s class will be having them done. These are individual photos of your child. All times are approximate! Please be flexible! Parents are invited to bring siblings during the class photo time if they’d like a family picture.

Tuesday, September 20

Miss Heather TTh 2s , M-F 2s 8:45-9:15
Mrs. Knudsen M-F 3s 9:15-9:30
Mrs. Eiermann 4s 9:30-9:40
Mrs. Jones 4s 9:40-9:50
Ms. Taulbee 4s 9:50-10:00

Wednesday, September 21

Miss Heather and Mrs. Anderson MWF 2s 8:45-9:30
Miss Kathleen MWF 3s 9:30-9:45
Mrs. Smith MWF 3s, M-F 3s 9:45-10:00

Thursday, September 15

Some of our classes had music with Miss Caitlin today.  (Everyone else will get to sing along with her tomorrow!)  It's been really easy to answer her questions in the Weather Song: It seems as if it's been hot and sunny since school started!

Mrs. Knudsen's 3s went digging for dinosaurs today.  They did such a great job with their digging--and with following Mrs. Knudsen's directions!

Our 4s are still working on the letter F.  The boys and girls in this class couldn't wait to tell me how many words they had come up with that start with their letter of the week.  They were making fishing lines/links to catch their tissue paper fish.

Tuesday, September 13

Our TTh 2s were busy first thing in the door this morning.  The hide-and-seek bottles got a lot of attention at one of the tables, while trucks and trains were the featured attraction over on the rug.

Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Heebner found out that everybody loves a princess!  The first child to try on her princess hat got immediate attention from everyone in the class!  (And from some students peeking in on their way to the bathroom!)

There were lots of things found in our fours with the letter F today!  We had feathers and fingers and fish and frogs and four friends reading!

Thursday, September 8

There was a lot going on in our 2s class today!

Counting apples with Miss Heather
Reaching for that puzzle piece!
Exploring books and table toys

Our 3s were busy too!

Making Mr. Potato Heads

Coloring and cutting
Ready for Circle Time

Of course, our 4s were hard at work!

Lines and names!

Proud of his work!


Tuesday, September 6

We were busy in our 3s and 4s this morning!

New friends!

New toys!

Walking to the playground!

Learning bathroom rules!

Our 2s spent a lot of time working and playing too!

Uh-oh! Bear got wet!

Our first trip to the playground--using our knotted rope!