Happy Halloween!

We've had lots of excitement the past couple of weeks: carving pumpkins; doing fall crafts; exploring glow-in-the-dark; enjoying our Halloween parties; and trick-or-treating at Summer Breeze!

Thank You!

Thanks to everyone who has sent in pet supplies or cash to help out with our animal rescue drive! 
We'll continue to collect through Friday!

Back to School!

WIPP will reopen on Monday, October 17th.  We know that many of you are still cleaning up your homes and neighborhoods, but if you have an hour or two to spare, there will be a clean-up on the church and school grounds Saturday, October 15, from 8:00 to noon.  Our school building is intact, but the walkways and parking lot are littered with storm debris.

We are thankful that all of our families are safe and we hope to see you at school this week.  We'll work on rescheduling conferences, making calendar adjustments, etc., once we're back in school.

School Closed

We will remain closed for the week of October 10th and plan to reopen Monday, October 17, along with SCCPSS. We know that some of our families live in neighborhoods that were very hard hit by this storm. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

School Closed Monday 10/10 and Tuesday 10/11

We will be closed on Monday, October 10, and Tuesday, October 11. There will be no parent conferences on October 10. We'll work at rescheduling everything as soon as we have a better idea of changing conditions and circumstances.

Hurricane Matthew Update

Along with many of our friends and neighbors, we are waiting to see what the consequences of Hurricane Matthew will be. As soon as we have updates on the state of our building and the status of our power and water supplies, we will let you know. Because so many of us evacuated and might have trouble returning to the Islands, please be patient.

Be Kind to Animals Week at W.I.P.P.

Many of our families have pets that we love and take care of, but some animals in our area aren't that lucky. During the week of October 3rd, we're collecting the items below to help out the local animal rescue groups.
We'll also have a jar in the hallway to collect change for Coastal Pet Rescue's
Pennies for Pets fund.
Thank you for all you do for our school—and our community!

You can send any of the items below to school October 3—October 7 and we'll make sure they get delivered! If you'd like to come by and drop them off, you're always welcome. Check the blog for updates!

Puppy food
Kitten food
Puppy pads
Cat litter (the clumping kind if possible)
Dry adult cat and dog food
Towels – clean, used are fine
Dog and cat toys

Pennies (or other change)

Also check the Donate Page for Coastal Pet Rescue at http://coastalpetrescue.org/donate/ and the Donation Page for the Savannah Humane Society at http://www.humanesocietysav.org/donate/#wish to make a donation online.