July 2017 Update

Happy Summer to Everyone!

We're in the process of emailing our supply lists to families so that you can get a head start on purchasing.  We're currently full in all of our 2s and 3s classes--with a handful of spots open in our 4s.  We've had a couple of changes in our staffing since school let out and we have some new teachers busily organizing and re-styling classrooms!

Our phones will be down on Wednesday, August 27, as we change providers and update the system.  Once all of that is completed our phone number, email, etc. should be back up and running without any problems.  (Fingers crossed!  If you try to contact us and don't get a response within 48 hours, please try another route.  I'm hoping that if the phone has a problem, our email will still be fine--and vice versa!)

We're looking forward to seeing all of you next month and we hope that you enjoy the last few weeks of summer!


2s Classes
Mrs. Anderson and Miss Sandy
Miss Lisa, Miss Jaycie (MWF) and Miss Lou (TTh)

3s Classes
Miss Kathleen and Miss Paula
Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Heebner
Mrs. Knudsen and Mrs. Southard

4s Classes
Miss Jen and Miss Didi
Miss Deborah and Mrs. Tucker
Miss Heather and Mrs. Horton