Sunshine Summer: Week 2 Wrap-Up

Do you know that dolphins come out of the water to get air?  Since dolphins are mammals and not fish, they can't stay underwater all the time.  We had more dolphin-themed activities today in all of our classes.  Our Sunshine Summer kids had fun making their jumping dolphins and then jumping them in and out of the "water".

We finished up our bunnies with Pin the Tail on the Rabbit and Carrot Hopping Races.

Some of us learned a letter song about jumping monkey and snapping crocodiles.

All of us had fun.

Kangaroos and Frogs and Dolphins! Oh My!

We had lots of hopping and jumping today--this turtle even stopped by the back parking lot to watch!  There were kangaroos, some frogs, a few dolphins jumping in and out of the water, and some boys and girls learning to play hopscotch!

Sunshine Summer: Week 2

We had lots of hopping at WIPP this morning during Jumping Fun.  Check out some of the activities below!

Paper plate rabbits

Making paper rabbits for our races--inside and out!

Pin the tail (or the nose!) on the bunny

Hmmm...Wonder what these will be?

Lots of fun with friends!