Friday, October 29

Thanks to all of the families who helped with our Halloween celebrations.  It's your help and support that make our school such a wonderful place to be!

Wednesday, October 27

Thank you to the residents and staff of Summer Breeze for inviting us over to Trick or Treat.  We had a wonderful time!

Thursday, October 21

We had some excitement in one of our 4s classes this morning.  Our monarch chrysalises began opening!  We watched as one of the butterflies dried its wings and moved around the cage.  Another one of the chrysalises has darkened and we think that will be the next butterfly to emerge.

Monday, October 18

Last chance for our school photos!
Photography by Lori will have studio hours on Wednesday , October 20th from 4:00-6:00 for any child who hasn’t yet gotten a school picture taken. We’re hoping to make a yearbook available in the spring so we’d like to have a picture of everyone! Visit for more information, phone number, address, etc.


A Peek Ahead at November
  • No school on November 11th or 12th in honor of Veterans’ Day.
  • We’ll be doing a canned food drive during the weeks of November 13th and 20th.  
  • Grandparents Day will be Tuesday, November 23. Grandparents (or a special friend) will bring their grandchildren to school for our Thanksgiving program (10:00 a.m.) and a special treat with their classes. (We’ll be sending more information home on this in the next couple of weeks.)
  • There is no school on November 24, 25, or 26 for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Wednesday, October 13

It’s hard to believe that we’re almost halfway through October already. After our taste of fall weather last week, we’re ready for jacket weather!

Donations Needed!

If you have unused ceramic tiles that you would like to donate to the school, please send them in. We need 4”x4” and 6”x6” tiles for our Grandparents’ Day project. Color doesn’t matter!

Halloween Week Information

On Wednesday, October 27th, our students will go trick-or-treating next door at Summer Breeze. We’ll wear our Halloween costumes on that day and walk over to visit the residents and sing our Halloween songs for them. Because we’re just across the lawn from Summer Breeze we won’t need chaperones for this “trip” but check the class monthly calendar or ask the teacher to see which day your child’s Halloween party will be. Some classes are doing parties on Wednesday after our trick-or-treating and some are waiting until Friday.

Halloween Songs

Below are the lyrics for some of the songs we’ll be singing if you’d like to practice at home.

Salute the Flag

Salute the flag,
The grand old flag
With colors red, white and blue
It stands for truth and liberty
This flag is waving for you!

Five Little Witches

There were five little witches flying in the air, flying in the air, flying in the air.
There were five little witches flying in the air
For this is Halloween!

There were four little skeletons jumping up &down...

There were three little ghosts that were staring everywhere...

There were two little goblins saying “Trick or Treat!”...

There was one little pumpkin swinging on a gate...

Eeensy Weensy Spider

The eensy weensy spider climbed up the water spout.
Down came the rain and washed the spider out.
Out came the sun and dried up all the rain
And the eensy weensy spider climbed up the spout again.

False Face

Who’s behind that false face?
Nobody knows but me.
Who’s behind that false face?
Nobody knows but me.

I won’t tell you.
You will have to guess.
If your guess is right,
I will answer YES!

Pumpkin Chant

Pumpkin, pumpkin
Round and fat
Turn into a jack-o-lantern
Just like that!

Stirring the Brew

Stirring and stirring and stirring our brew
(Pretend to stir something in a big pot).
(Put hands near mouth and wiggle fingers)

Tip-toe, tip-toe, tip-toe—BOO!
(With each tip-toe sing lower and use your fingers to tip-toe in the air, until BOO where you then close and open your hands next to your face, saying BOO loud!)

Friday, October 8

Thank you very much to the Southside Fire Department for coming out to visit!

Thursday, October 7

We had some interesting things going on around the building this morning...

If you peeked into Mrs. Reese's class, you might have seen a chrysalis.

Just across the hall in Mrs. Whitaker's class, there were some strange shapes taking form...

A few reminders...

  • To wrap up Fire Prevention Week, we'll be visited by the fire truck tomorrow morning (Friday) at about 10:00.  Check back for pictures later this weekend.
  • The last day to pay October's tuition without a late fee is Tuesday 10/12.
  • No school on Monday, October 11th.

Using bubble wrap to mix red and yellow to make orange.

We've had a good response to our first few days of Lunch Bunch.  Remember if you'd like your child to stay, pack a lunch, send a note in the morning along with payment of $5.00, and tell them to have fun!  Pick-up is at 1:00.

Monday, October 4

Have you ever wondered how we manage to keep our tables so clean?

Shaving cream!!!

Friday, October 1

Happy October!  It's Fire Prevention Month!

We had our first fire drill yesterday and everyone did a wonderful job.  We had a lot of our children leaving the building with their hands clamped over their ears, but at least they were moving quickly!  Next Friday the Fire Department will come with their truck and visit us.  This month is a good time to make sure that your family's fire evacuation plan is up-to-date and known by all family members.

If you haven't placed your order for school pictures yet, go to to the Client Proofs tab.  You'll find your child's proofs online and ready to be ordered.  You must order by Monday, October 4th to receive the current pricing plan.